Shrunken Jesus

It’s a paradox really…

The Empire Room  - Paper Cut Outs

Shrunken Jesus
by Michael Doyle

We trust as we say with our might
Believing as we will in truth and light
That Jesus has the power to save our souls
Then in whispers we wonder at His control

I would not be the first to earnestly dispel
What our words say and actions then reveal
Are not as often as liked, one and the same
When we look in the mirror we see who is to blame

This that we preach to the world as Gospel
While our own fears and disbelief we conceal
Is no gospel at all and it's easily known
In all of the actions and lack of that are shown

How can anyone ever truly hold that they believe us
When with a shot of the glass we've shrunken Jesus
It is there in we idly allow injustice and poverty
We believers must rise up in prayer in this moment of history

Let us show with passion all of our faith uncurled
From its fetal position and let Jesus heal our world
Instead of handing out dispensational excuses we rehearse
Let's dare the paper cut of examining the verses

If we don't believe in the Bible in all it's entirety
All of our fumbled, tumbled words are just hypocrisy
When we fail to speak the truth, we offer a gospel of holes
Fighting our fights instead of giving God His true control

Is it any wonder with nobody listening at our offered hollow
That is not the kind of truth the wise seek to ever swallow
We need the solidity of truth that has been readily told
And from that the actions that are needed by acting bold

Oh, I know the strong desire to sit there and simply balk
It's easier to talk the talk than ever to walk the walk
To know right and not to do it is the worst cowardice
The true gospel's call to self-denial holds no variance

(c) June 23, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Auld Lang Syne - Forget the Past





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