Into the Open Door

What if we could finally stop seeking and finally see?

LEA27  - FreeWee Ling's Invisible Machines - Shadows Wander On Locked Door

Into the Open Door
by Michael Doyle

If life were but a movie
What would we really be
But a story within the story
That is all the glory

Of use learning to stay alive
Doing our best to thrive
In all the conditions of possibility
Lived within our best probability

Until the moment we open the door
To all of that hoping for more
When we stop seeking and learn to see
Our world waits for our discovery

Taking in the moment as we see
Learning how to simply be
Stopping the struggles of a human be-ing
And simply become a human being

Turning the pages of our story
Unconcerned with seeking glory
Just living the life we dream
Bursting out from our seams

This then is how we become as one
The struggles and attachment are done
The truest life having now begun
We'll find our place in the sun

Moving beyond a need to understand
To find new meaning in the touch of your hand
Might this be what it is to truly feel
Coming to our senses of what is truly real

(c) June 25, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Brown County Loop II 06242020




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