From Darkness To Light

Spent an interesting day learning, seeking and then seeing and then simply being … Or maybe, it was more like several hours in 90+ degrees photographing left me more just taking it all in while conveniently clicking to take photos of what I was seeing. 🙂

From Darkness To Light
by Michael Doyle

There I was with all of my luck
Watching quietly as a mother duck
Taught her ducklings how to swim
Catching myself thinking back to when

I began to awake with shrug and a shake
Thinking back on all that it takes
And knowing that my cosmos is within
Or at least part of it comes with Zen

It seems enough to be enough
And we're all made out of star stuff
As a way of God and cosmos to know
To know their reflections in what we show

So much that seems so much is simply unreal
Mirrored perceptions and not so much the deal
Just baggage that we carry on as if we need
When really what we need is to be simply freed

In my search for wiser things, I have found
Much of the search is a pointless search around
On that realization, I had learned to swim
And now as I watch the ducklings I remember when

There in that wholeness is the authenticity 
That is exquisite and untarnished in it simplicity
From my too often darkness, I seek for light
Putting aside best as I can my ignorance dark as night

Tangled as I was in an incessant web of blues
There have been times that I've blown my fuse
I've begun as it is to gain the knowledge of seeing
And becoming more and more, a human simply being

Being that which takes me from death to immortality
Not so much a need for the eternal but the eventuality
Of reuniting the greater consciousness that is as one
Permanently awaken from the forgetfulness I am done

In the darkness, I seek only to share my part of light
That our world, as it is, may yet be more perfected and right
I now come to dedicate myself to live in this freedom
My soul belongs less to me than simply part of kingdom

I am now given less to destination than to the journey
Discovering the truth that is remembered as destiny
Opening doors await the finding of life's best keys
Away from the darkness awoken to the truth set free

Looking at the young ducklings out on the park pond
I see that they too are something there and yet beyond
As they scurry onto the waiting crevices in the rocks
Having doors themselves to open as they pick at the locks

(c) July 2, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Kokomo Day Trip II 07022020





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