Life Taken By Slice

Life is filled with events that beg for good photographs that capture their essence.  Next in the series on photography and photograph composition.

Heart's Desire - Exactly That....

Life Taken By Slice
by Michael Doyle

Birthdays, weddings and holidays
Special occasions in a million ways
It's not so hard to be surmised
And with a little thought, you won't be surprised

If you capture the good times with a frame
And caption these properly with given names
Shot candidly in the little moments of joy
The fly on the wall mode simply deploys

In all we grab for and force nothing
And in doing this, we find our something
All of the details that bind the ties
That will be remembered as life goes by

Doing the homework that shows respect
Scouted out in detail without neglect
Seasoning the main dish of life's events
Leaving nothing to catch nor in circumvent 

With long exposure, we soak in the light
As the glorious moments fade into the night
With a round of drinks, we find that sight
That draws in the colors and swirls just right

These are the photos that stop precise time
Saving these moments aside as something sublime
Glasses raised in semi-sacred and holy toasts
The stolen kiss that is remembered most

Toward lights that spark that which is beautiful
Each bringing that something which is wonderful
Stuck in mind as having so much more the meaning
All of the emotions and moments of our being

The birthday moments blows the candles out
No other moment holds up to that dramatic count
When a wish is whispered across the face
That would be near impossible to ever replace

Presents opened to cuts of frosted cake
This is the the stuff of life that really takes
From every angle, we have quietly seen
The photographs of all of us humans being

If you want the most and deepest satisfaction
Be the fly on the wall and don't stop the action
Catching the best of life in all of its spice
Taken like cake, slice by slice

(c) July 16, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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