A Dagger’s Breath

The last in the classic retelling of a classic werewolf tale:

Driftwood Presents - Kingdom hearts -Rune Gate

A Dagger's Breath
by Michael Doyle

Everywhere the deceived heart searches for clues
Bits of treachery displayed in all of its hues
You can hide it all within a certain mask
Simply through the questions you do and don't ask

A hero's heart seeks to be free of chains
However much it might seem in vain
So much hatred in the name of the cross
All of which would find Christ at His loss

To protect us from darkness, we are fed lies
When our only safe passage is the sunrise
Under the blood moon is read the verse
While those who are bitten live under the curse

Big eyes are all the better with which to see
Big ears are better to hear somehow infinitely
Big teeth are the things of nightmares and tears
All of these become the wolf of our worse fears

Woken as it were from the night of sheer terror
We become keenly aware of all of our errors
A hero does what needs to be done and does not complain
Through their courage the beast will be slain

The wolfen sees the world in his bestial pride
Offering his cursed gift as he quietly confides
Telling his daughter that she will be invincible
Something she doesn't want and finds incredible

Driving silver into this unholy veins
She takes her destiny by its reins
She is not the Devil's daughter
And though love might die, she will not be her father

On the banks of the foggy, frozen lake
She watched her goodbye as her soul shakes
The winter came with all of its brutality
A dagger's breath felt in its mortality

(c) July 17, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Esoteric - Wooden Heart





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