First Principles: I Tremble For My Country When I Reflect That God Is Just (and) That His Justice Cannot Sleep Forever

“Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever…. The Almighty has no attribute which can take side with us in such a contest.” – Thomas Jefferson, in Notes on the State of Virginia (1785)

The 1619 Project was admitted by the NYT that sponsored this as being absolutely wrong in its unjust premise that slavery is in the DNA of America.  Our Founders were struggling with institutions that had been forged into American by the British colonizers.  Think on this, if you will, if you pore through the history of indentured servants and ‘slaves’ you will find the terms interchangeable for most of the first hundred nearly 200 of years American colonies existed.  It was only afterward that a binary system was put into place.  But all along you find that many were fighting to end this practice as anything but the equivalent of indentured servants which while wrong paid the passage of many into America and was entered into willingly.

Another thing quite often overlooked in the extreme Left’s attempt to remake history is that only about 4-5% of slaves were brought into the American colonies and of that some significant portion were introduced to where the remaining 95% or so were being brought – the Caribbean islands’ sugar plantations and throughout Central and South America.  In fact, today there is still a racial structure in which white Hispanics are on the top followed by mixed blood followed by blacks and Indians (native Americans).

Why then is the US singled out for these violent riots and propagandistic Marxist death cults in their hatred of the United States?  We who have done so much more than most of the world to eradicate slavery have become the objects of hatred.  It makes no sense at all.  Even in other nations such as India and elsewhere there is a disdain that persists for darker complexions.  It’s not from the West nor is it especially from the United States.  That’s just nonsense as a starter on how to get past this and come to the sense that we are all one human race regardless of skin tone.  Blaming the wrong cause is a false premise and false premises lead to false conclusions.  I think  most reasonable people can agree on that.

The purpose of this particular post and the follow up quote from Thomas Jefferson is not to say that in the context of our beliefs today he is above reproach.  It is to say that the issue is complex and that Thomas Jefferson in particular can be evidenced as stating that God’s justice would never allow for these conditions to remain in place.  You do not see the same sort of statements in examining the works of Margaret Sanger, Malcolm X (who sought for most of his life and in most of his written works to replace blacks over whites as he saw whites as devils) or even in the works of such people as John Muir.

If we want just results for all and to be who we are, one unified human race despite skin tones, we must start with the right premises and work our way toward a right and just conclusion.  Otherwise, all we have is error following error and the resulting injustice.  That is not progress.  That is chaos, wrong and should never be condoned.



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