When Children Speak

When our children speak, we should listen.  We never know what we might learn?  If nothing else how they see the world.  And I can think of no greater gift than understanding the world through the eyes and hearts of those we most love.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo 09022019

When Children Speak
by Michael Doyle

When our children speak for change
The temptation is to find it strange
Acting as though they are speaking in tongues
When the truth is, they are simply young

Watching my girls growing in their youth
Finding their way to the truth
When I reflect a moment, I am proud
As they tell me all as they are allowed

Some things said, I'm sure are wrong
But, I am glad they've grown up strong
Listening as they speak with reason and passion
Of things that fill them with compassion

Even when wrong, they have a way to fascinate
And I love that they are unafraid to communicate
Urging them to always talk and carry on
I see the heritage I will have left when I am gone

The price paid is worth the recompense
Worthy of all of the unintended consequence
As long as I know they will speak their hearts and minds
I will listen as they always find

There is so much beauty in their complicity
In all that they love and study with intensity
Though it may soon be that I'm looking from heaven above
I hope that what I've most taught them is to believe and love

(c) July 25, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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