Lessons From Life’s Jungles

There are laws that are met in all jungles be these forested or concrete.  The two most vital are survival and truth.

The Jungle Beach Bar & Grill - Why Did the Snake Cross the Road?

Lessons From Life's Jungles
by Michael Doyle

The jungle has two laws
Survival and truth
There is no escape clause
From learning these firm from our youth

Fortunately, it's never too late
To learn the things we must
Streets or jungle, we change our fate
And it starts with learning trust

Life's lessons needed to be learned
From opportunities often less than ample
Are often the ones best earned
When taught by example

Our choices often make monkeys of us
So, it's best just to take with humor
These moments in life simply because
Bitterness becomes the worse tumor

In parts unknown, keep close to shore
To keep yourself our of danger's jaws
You never know quite what's in store
When you ignore the jungle's laws

A lesson learned is to be strong
Is to live life being fair
Each person and thing belongs
In its own particular somewhere

Live life as straight as an arrow
Always eyes forward forgetting the past
The path taken will often be narrow
If you want the best of life to last

In no jungle is there room for lies
Which come really from anger at one's self
It should come as no real surprise
That life's best lessons are not learned from a shelf

(c) July 27, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Jungle Beach Bar & Grill - Ferry Leaves Toucan Junction




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