Voices Cry

Watched a bit of a show that reminded me of the folks out there who suffer from PTSD.  From that I got this:

Enchanted Wonderland Mad Easter -It's Enough To Make You Cry

Voices Cry
by Michael Doyle

The voices crying into the night
Its hard to take this light
Hauntingly these echo in my mind
Though I thought these left far behind

You know that I know, I should have done
All the more than I know that I've done
To change the way these things went down
Crying to myself like somebody's clown

It's no good to say I did my best
Or, that I did better than the rest
In the end, my friends are still dead
This bleeds inside my tortured head

Some things will never change
You can't make normal out of strange
Though that's not normally on my name
I hold myself to account for my shame

They pinned a medal on me
But it doesn't block my memory
Unfinished sentences that don't need to be said
There too much trouble inside my head

(c) July 30, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Negative Light In Blue On Black



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