Wild Winds

As mentioned before, it is birthday weekend for a very sweet daughter whose gentle spirit and artistic ways make me a better man in every way.  I am so proud to be her father.  I thought it might be, and it was, beneficial to teach the girls a bit more of one of the most distinctive creatures that has graced the history of our great nation.  It seems even more so that in these perilous times of a myriad of challenges that the buffalo aka bison has faced it’s near ending tragedy and come back from the brink of extinction in a new and growing vibrancy.   I hope as a daddy that if nothing else, I will have served the girls well in the simple things I get to share with them along the way.

Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve (Freemont, Indiana) 08012020

Wild Winds
by Michael Doyle

Birthday weekend for my eldest daughter
To both of them, I am proud to be their father
Saturday spent in a long drive's conversation
I have seldom known such sweet fascination

Time spent with them is my soul's open door
To learn more about them and to jointly explore
Playfully we banter, in our steady back and forth
As I drive several hours essentially due north

The journey there to the preserved Wild Winds
Is a time of song and talking with daughters as friends
Outside the windows it is stormy and raining
But each moment is a treasure of which there is no complaining

Explaining that cows run from storm and buffalos charge forward
We progress mile by mile until we arrive ever toward
The moments are worth the stormy torment's flicker
Ad as we move along, we know we'll get through quicker

Once was a time that the buffalo were plentiful
Now the few remaining, remain as something wonderful
Great beasts with swung horns of quiet distinction
We are blessed they haven't met their extinction

I teach the girls of their  and the bison's tenacity
And of the wilderness' strength even in vulnerability
We talk of future trips kayaking down along rivers
Ever thankful for our Father, the Great Creator

In these moments, I'm assured of our salvation
For the buffalo's families and our great nation
Preserved as these are in their present captivity
I feel the future safer in the love and in our liberty

Brought back from the edge of veritable tragedy
The world is less dim despite its risks of calamity
There and here  in the faint marks of an old trace
Are the buffalo dreams and the love these embrace

(c) August 1, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve (Freemont, Indiana) 08012020





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