Unique Just Means Alone

They say no man is an island.  Perhaps for some of us, it would be better if we were.

Yasminia -A Practical Sense of Her Special Magic

Unique Just Means Alone
by Michael Doyle

I guess it doesn't matter if it's deserved
That special designation that's been reserved
It's perhaps a fact to be exact
That one does one's best to keep intact
That part of the soul that is one's dignity
Trying to keep a moral compass without rigidity
And as it turns out, being unique just means alone
Deeply compelled to wishing for a heart of stone
Doing one's best to always do one's very best
As though life were merely an extended test

Then one thinks that one has finally found
That light of life that one would keep around
Only to find that the more that things change
They stay the same only as as they rearrange
And he once had struggled to learn to walk
Had become a runner of whom others would talk
And those who keep silent have more to say
It's funny how it seems to always turnout this way
And still as the globe spins it spins alone
As a very special rock desperately seeking to atone

(c) August 2, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Worlds of the Nutcracker -Pan Flute Anyone?





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