Awkward Silence Felt

Does anyone else ever get into routines?  I suppose there is good and bad to these things.

Exodus A Trip For Life - Beware the Puppet Masters

Awkward Silence Felt
by Michael Doyle

The awkward silence between
Feels down, dirty and mean
In pop culture's references
We're coming down to preferences

Stuck in a rut of sameness
But if we like it, it's not lameness
Despite what the puppet master may say
Having it the same, is perfectly okay

After all, where would we go
And it is perfectly alright to know
What it is to know what to expect
It's not a life filled with regret

There's a rumor flown sky high
That an adventure never asks why
It's just a dare to live the dream
However that might be or seem

There's a lot to be said for familiarity
Though even that has no set guarantee
Still it will all work out with sincerity
Avoiding the dark clouds of incongruity

Even puppets get lulled into sleep
Hiding from the secrets we all keep
Hurting where the hurt starts to flow
Still, they say if we learn from it, we grow

It doesn't take being a touch psychic to find
The confusion of life flowing through our minds
But it helps to look for signs when we're lost
Now there's a lesson that comes free of cost

It's in these moments free of desperation 
That we find our fullest bits of inspiration
Moving out beyond the soul's revealing
There's the truth that beyond all we're feeling

(c) August 3, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Empire Room -The Alone of Silence











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