Learning To Do the Math

2nd poem from the work shop:

LEA25 - A Night To Remember - Doing The Math

Learning To Do Math
by Michael Doyle

She spoke eloquently of her calculations
While I sat mystified;  musing on the math
That is found in music and in so much art
Wondering how it is that she with her heart
Didn't realize that of the two ways of doing math
I was neither smarter than anyone else
Nor persistent in my  too consistent errors
Like a blind man in the middle of a dark room
I search for the cat of Schrodinger's theory
Understanding so little of what fascinates me
Wondering if it's really truly there or simply
Workable as fact until replaced by something else

(c) August 4, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Burn2 2016 - Da Vinci's Workshop - Dodecahedronal View



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