Righting My Wrong Direction

A little something from my notes taken during yesterday’s sermon:

Through the Rabbit's Hole - Directions Shown

Righting My Wrong Direction
by Michael Doyle

No longer living in the wrong direction
I'm seeking God's love and true connection
Returning the fullness of love that God has given
Blessed in knowing that I am forgiven

In discipleship, we honor God in our worship
Walking straight and true in our relationship
Being blessed in knowing that God is good
Keeping that goodness as if we truly understood

That those of us who heed the Lord's call
Are thereafter bound to following His law
This is particularly true as to family
Where marriage is deeper than its formality

Passionate though we are in our humanity
We must be mindful to bear fruit for God's family
Sinfulness leads us to into our temptation
Particularly if we're not careful in our contemplation

Release from the law, we still see our reflection
Deep as our deepest sense of our contemplation
The law is the mover of all that is right and good
And how we should live as its understood

We agree with law and yet we do its opposite
Such are our errors lived in unrighteous composite
We want to do the good and truly would
But our sin dwells deeper than we've understood

That we by ourselves will somehow always fall
Always just a bit short of following the law
Let us always try to do that which is right
Being good and pure; walking in God's light

(c) August 10, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Dream Chasers  -Yasum Holy Cross





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