Entering the Afterlife

Started watching the point of origin series of Star Trek series with the girls.  The one that is more or less the prequel for the whole thing.  Got this out of the first episode:

USS Enterprise  Planet Vulcan - Sector 1

Entering the Afterlife
by Michael Romani

Faith of heart takes us far
As we reach beyond the stars
Each day is its own beginning
Separated by the victories we are winning

In the name of honor, we find complexity
Where truly there is naught but simplicity
Belief in conflict imprints on the ground
Yet, is the way forward as humanity is found

Finding our languages in order to speak
As we push forward simply to peek
Onto new worlds left to explore
Hoping for peace and just a bit more

Ankle deep as we begin to swim
Though to other our prospects may seem dim
Going boldly to where we have not been
It's the free flown spirit of man freed again

Caring less for the creed of mass perfection
We head in what we hope is the right direction
We push on ever onward and forward
Needing to move ever toward

Despite the advent of this new generation
We find our problems in communication
New challenges find their explanation
As we dream behind this in our interpretation

Reaching out can be so problematic
As still we proceed being empathetic
Space is found to be larger than it seems
Still despite some cynicism, we'll chase our dreams

(c) August 15, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Chankanaab - Dawn Is Breaking




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