Bloated Ramble

Another sort of look at how monsters are just good challenged and not evil… 😉

Belliseria - Spiderwood - Lilacs On the Rocks - Slenderman Monster Sighting II
Bloated Ramble
by Michael Doyle

Humans fear the hours of the night
All the darkness and absence of light
And all of the sounds that bring human fright
Simply because these don't sound right

The crackle and the unexpected squeak
Send humans into a frenzy not to peek
With a shake and rattle at the door
It's just the creatures going out to explore

Bogeymen and women cast their spell
But though a fungus walks among us as well
These beings simply wish to be left alone
Which is why they hide in the dark and under stone

The superstitious say that the Devil walks
In parts of town of which so few dark to talk
But could that possible overstatement be less true
Then simply to believe difference frightens me and you

Truth to the other side we had panned as monstrosity
Is that they are too are not taken by our incivility
Why is it that lights have to shine so terribly bright
And what in the world is wrong with the darkest night

On now with the joys of our mutual horror show
Let's forget about all these frightful rainbows
Rubbing it deep with stink and filthiness
Because its widely known that being clean is silliness

There's nothing like the fester of the slum
Leprous in our notions and then some
Bloated until we're passing like the wind
But shared among ogres and other such friends

(c) August 18, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
LEA27 - Image Monsters Tea Party - Fantasy Island

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