Reality Check

To listen to the DNC the last 2 nights and a portion of today, you would think they could do no evil and that President Trump can do no right. If perhaps you don’t fact check what they say and find out that things are often the opposite of what they say, you’d think maybe so…

Donkeys by Cica Ghost -Four Donkeys and An A....Mazing Guy ;-)
Reality Check
by Michael Doyle

The Democrats feign prayer in reality check
Seemingly forgetting the corpus of their wreck
As they keep encouraging their cities to burn
As if maybe they've forgotten how it is to learn

The lessons of the past are after all history
And that in itself allows a sort of mystery
That history is something that they do not cherish
Forgetting the vigilance needed so we do not perish

As a country that serves as a city on the hill
That was meant by the founders to pursue God's will
Instead they judge things by the standards of today
While judging the rest of the world another way

Biden and Harris pursue a Kumbaya that could be never
As each of these feel themselves to be the one clever
And yet the folly of the users is to become losers
As they fall under the fatal axe of each side's pursuers

Biden's laurels do not rest at least not on his own history
How those who nominate him think he'll escape it is a mystery
But here we are ready to hear on tomorrow's date
That he's who is needed and that they will nominate

(c) August 19, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Pismo Beach

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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