Trying To Bottle Up

Dr. Foster's Herbal Greenhouse -Bottled Relief
Trying To Bottle Up
by Michael Doyle

Trying to bottle up all the trouble
Straight talking never ever double
Is something that is next to impossible
Something of which I know I'm incapable

But, I would do almost anything
To keep you safe from all that everything
That is out there waiting to do wrong
Impossible for me, no matter how strong

I look at each of you who are my daughters
And pray that you know you're loved by your father
No matter how it seems I do my best imperfectly
I would do anything to do it all correctly

There are others who, if you'll pardon me
Will always paint me out as if I'm guilty
Seemingly with a hellbent need to crucify
That I won't even ever attempt to dignify

Laying me out on their own crooked cross
Telling us all of their never had loss
Taking from you girls and me as if to impress
Their need for some morbid pound of flesh

Telling each of us of my need to always improve
When it's their faults for their false moves
I know you girls and I have each other's backs
And there is nothing that we'll ever lack

See the thing is that revenge is their game
But it's not well played when they're to blame
Each has left their mark as their vengeful sign
They'd best move on while we keep on target and refine

But, I know that what isn't can't be fine
Is that their lies go on endlessly and by design
Let's leave the past where it's meant; far behind
Letting it go while we keep to the good plans in our minds

It's a fault of the human race, creating private hells
Perhaps they should realize the release is in the details
Along with God and they should stick to what's true
If they they need there would be less suffering to go through

They need to let go and and stop all of their lying
Because if they don't they'll end up being the only ones crying
As you girls and I reach our hands up high into the skies
Making the most of each day that we won't let slip by

(c) August 23, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Architect's Playground - Genie In A Bottle

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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