For God So Loved the World

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For God So Loved the World
by Michael Doyle

Speaking across the latitude of ages
Comes the noble language of sages
Touching each soul as each an individual
Comprehended as fully as we are capable

Eternal questions fill up our need
As we learn and grow as we read
Every step revealed from youth to our ends
These words serve to act as guides and friends

Romance, adventure and a sweetness of laughter
Lead the path to life and to the hereafter
Finding the good in the bad; growing from adversity
When we learn from the past we can meet all eventuality

The same Nero who ended Seneca began Christian persecution
Finding Christ's believers the bane of the Roman nation
Scapegoated for Rome's devastation and fire
Then called humanity's haters by those who love to conspire

The emperor as a living god was a jealous deity
Who demanded sacrifice and the renouncing of God's divinity
Instead, the Christians chose death in atrocious ways
Dying in witness bravely converted many in those days

The Synoptic Gospels certainly contain the core
Seeing things similarly while John brought something more
All of which told the truth with different perceptions
While John's was a philosophical framing without deception

In the beginning, the was the living Word
Logos revealed quite clearly and never blurred
The Word sent into the world is the Light
To provide the sanctification by purity's right

Each human has a divine spark of incorporation
Wisdom is the Sophia of light burning out corruption
Locked in a struggle with darkness forevermore
Deliverance from which is the Lord's purpose for

Coming against the false wisdom of the Pharisees
Walking on water, preach and healing disease
The Rebbe took on the professors of his day
Who seek to destroy the true livers of God's way

The suffering of the Lamb of God was necessary
To get beyond the surface to the true necessity
The very heavens opened wide with their mystery
All in the Holy name of Jesus' true divinity

A miracle of gladness turned water into wine
In the celebration of ordinary people we find the divine
It is against those who would turn God's home
Into a den of thieves that will be met with stone

For it is these who have stolen the people from God
Daring to venture into places even angels fearfully trod
And that brings the wrath of the Son without reason
For each thing of Heaven and Earth has its season

Accused as He was with blatantly false accusation
Jesus offered to the wisest elder his acclamation
That whoever shall believe despite the strife
Will live holy and have found everlasting life

This then was the divine love motivating the universe
Into the wisest prose and spilled out into verse
In all of this that would appear evil is higher purpose
For the mightiest had come to free and save us

For God so loved the world as to all of this
Adversity and suffering to fall on and yet we miss
That this then is the plan of our souls' salvation
Attested as it is before the whole of the believing nation

Water of life exchanged for water from a Samaritan well
As Messiah, He offers with love life's fine details
Having driven out the money changers of false security
These false professors marked by self righteous blasphemy

The sacraments are and were explained at the Mount of Olives
That through the taking of Christ flesh and blood each of us lives
With a rigorous test or morality etched into the sand
Jesus explained judgment but the Pharisees fail to understand

That no one is without sin to cast judgment's first stone
The price to be paid is to sin no more and to fully atone
Ultimately, the supreme lesson is find our forgiveness
That teaches us all, if only, we might come to live this

Jesus had come to make the weak feel and the blind to see
Caring more about healing than distractions of feigned indignity
Those who are self proclaimed in their own wisdom
Found this dangerous man must die for the wrong kingdom

Pilate found no guilt and washed his hands of the innocent man
But as we know, a bureaucrat can only do what he can
The darkness of the human depravity chose God's death
And still He asked for our forgiveness with His last breath

Rejoice, I say rejoice for the tomb was found empty
Recognition of this is the fullness of my theology
The light has been sent into the world to set us free
In doing so, this became Rome's best transforming legacy

(c) August 28, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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