Not Even Death

Limberlost State Historic Site and Loblolly Marsh 12072019
Not Even Death
by Michael Doyle

If only the hand of love
Could ensnare the moon
And if belief in the stars above
Brought faith to the near and soon

There would be nothing to being handled
No complications to become rattled
Just the courage needed to be resolved
No matter the concerns to be solved

You have to be the one who wants the shot
Willing to go the distance with all you have got
Because it is there in this declarative
That we will face the steps in all that is imperative

Let it be said with a certain blushing pride
That the best of life is one hell of a ride
There really isn't a moment to spare for fear
Instead, let's do this thing with an onward cheer

As we reach beyond the moon and toward the stars
Hoping our best to land safely on planet Mars
There's always a chance for things to go wrong
But, victory goes to those who stay the course and be strong

Knowing that the further we are from our home
The closer we are to being back to those we left alone
Suited up heroes prepare for this magical flight
Knowing they will soon be dancing in the moonlight

Privileged as we are to defy the power of gravity
There is something sacred to this sense of sanctuary
Each has come to this place as a bit of a stranger
Each knows that there is a fullness to the danger

Still there in the moving ever onward
We push beyond the difficulties and toward
The Red Planet as our inter-stellar destination
It's a thing that goes beyond any intuition

That into the utmost sense of sacred duty
There is something bringing out the best of you and me
Holding onto our faith with our every breath
There is nothing to be scared of, not even death

(c) September 8, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Limberlost State Historic Site and Loblolly Marsh 12072019

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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