The Rise and Fall of Boethius

Barddeco - Sharpened Cross Inside A Void
The Rise and Fall of Boethius
by Michael Doyle

Graven images are made and meant to save
When Christianity met Plato's cave
Offering more than shadows on the wall
A philosophical bend had come to call

Christ was both the Father and the Son
Joined with Wisdom as a triune one
God was creator and all else the created
Anything put differently was believed fabricated

And this then caused issues of much dispute
Causing many a good hearted man ill repute
And still with the Romans heaping on cruelty
The brave hearts of Christians lived as testimony

For certainly even in the Roman Empire's tolerance
Belief in the Trinity required much forbearance
In assaulting waves ending in Diocletian's repression
The goal became Christianity's near fatal suppression

Until finally Constantine came in the sign of the Cross
To win miraculous victory over what was certain loss
Believing this good measure, he converted to Christianity
Surrendering to God even his position's professed divinity

This conversion nearly lost the Roman Empire's West
Though Constantinople endured in the East as if a test
As the Goths wrested their control into prosperity
And then came Boethius with all of his grace and dignity

Gathering the works of legacy and tempered heritage
Under the encouragement of Theodoric's patronage
The quest again become of a good man doing some good
Doing what was needed as best as that might be understood

Trying to do this good and bring about needed reformation
He fought for decency and justice angering some of the nation
These then fell on him with false cries of treason and blasphemy
And Boethius would then fall under the hands of his enemies

(c) September 27, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Highland Hills -Celtic Crossed In Blue

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