Together We Will Stand

Juneteenth Celebration - Eiteljorg Museum -  Lincoln Meets Contemporary America
Together We Will Stand
by Michael Doyle

There is now in this time of history
A grain going against the orthodoxy
That states that the power rests in populism
Despite the modern move against nationalism

Today, a certain set wishes our knees to bow
As if to forget the reasons behind our Constitution somehow
The elite wishes to cut limbs off the family tree
And in doing so, does a disservice to our liberty

It takes a unique man to seek the People's empowerment
Against a deep state that bows smugly to government
Having lost as they have all sense and capacity
Of understanding the meaning of our Founders' legacy

The best days are the days our values are on display
Amounting to the mark that must be met each day
The things that are most important are God and family
Followed quite closely by devotion to our country

For this we must stand strong against the mobocracy
That passes for the indiscriminate throngs of democracy
Thinking that government must grow in setting regulation
Pretending this then is the business of our nation

Keeping a conservative court centered on the rule of law
Is the principle we must fight for most of all
If we are to keep our country the land of the brave and free
We must keep our courts safe from encroachments on our liberty

Shoulder to shoulder, we stand together in this fight
To keep our City on the Hill shining as a guiding light
Still offering hope to a world filled with darkness
As a symbol and anchor of dreams in a world of harshness

Let there never be someone wondering aloud the question
Of why good people failed to act without hesitation
We must determine now to fight for the right of our land
This is the crucial turning point if we fail to understand

A champion fights for founding principle after principle
Withstanding the critical deluge and for what is Biblical
The victory is ours well served if we stay our course
Our honorable republic is midstream against a decadent force

We must carry on for the good of our treasured country
Staying strong for our dearest and best kept liberty
Let us stand together in our struggle to keep freedom
Now more than ever, we need and pray for God's wisdom

(c) September 29, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Velvet Design -As American As Mom & Apple Pie

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