Some Times We Can Wait No Longer

LEA28: Storm Septimus' Country of Mind Untitled- The Chains The Bind Us
Some Times We Can Wait No Longer
by Michael Doyle

Socrates and Jesus took their last breaths
As each of these were put to their deaths
Accused and tried for treason and blasphemy
And in corrupting the young by truth's divinity

The noble search and allegiance to the truth
Are unsettling in bringing trouble so uncouth
Libraries are to said to have burned for less
The emperors of this world will not allow second guess

It's a wicked consolation, this philosophy
Pi and Theta are tattered in their misery
Chained to the walls and slandered unfair
While the laughter of the unwise is beyond compare

Things of loss find their commiseration
As fate gives and takes without explanation
Fame and fortune are gifts of something
Often beyond our control and meaning nothing

We are born into this world with the same nothing
Nothing more or less; happiness is that one thing
That rests on a decent philosophy well understood
And from this derives all that is holy and good

Hatred of others is the only real form of harm
And it comes from allowing life to lose its charm
Evil can never come from good that we venerate
The beauty and justice of life is given to appreciate

Those with evil intent are our God's instruments
However, harsh and wrong, as history documents
What is left is that Providence that is enduring
All else is the shackled will that life is curing

Fate is the instrument by which God works His will
Our freedom is in how we choose to respond as life reveals
Returning good for the evil done, we live in trust
Faithful to His sermons as we know that we must

The freedoms of our mind and love are without complication
And are those things that live on with great consolation
In a literature that comes from the imprisoned divine comedy
Breathing the freed thoughts and love sung in rhapsody

Just ask Martin Luther King in his overcoming segregation
About the power of belief and humanity's abiding dedication
A world that cost his very loss and gained victory through love
An outside agitator for truth and led by Heaven's call above

...Some times we can wait no longer....

(c) October 12, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
A Tale of Seven Sins -The Chains of Greed

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