Thought For the Day: Create Now A Political Court To Echo the Ideas of the Executive and You Have Created A Weapon…That Can Cut Down Those Guarantees of Liberty…and Extinguish Your Right of Liberty, of Speech, of Thought, of Action and of Religion

“Create now a political court to echo the ideas of the executive and you have created a weapon . . . that can cut down those guarantees of liberty written into your great documents by the blood of your forefathers and that can extinguish your right of liberty, of speech, of thought, of action, and of religion.” – Burton K. Wheeler, Democrat and ardent New Dealer speaking against FDR’s packing of the Court to get his questionable programs through more quickly…

There is a significant and hugely important difference between appropriately filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court and talk of packing the Court after the election if the Democratic Party candidate runs. We will leave alone the fact that Mr. Biden keeps stating that he is running for Senate. Figurehead or not, if he wins the presidency, packing the court is certainly allowed under the Constitution but would over turn the traditions of our country held since approximately 1869 of having nine seated justices. When last attempted by FDR to aggressively push his Progressive agenda forward, even other New Dealers, such as Senator Burton K. Wheeler, rightly asserted this to be a dangerous matter that was subversive of the freedoms held dear by and in America. The Court is not a toy to be politicized.

Please read the following to better understand the implicit dangers of being complicit with this sort of morbid, political ploy. If this is moved on, our great nation will have indeed become a banana republic, America only in name not in principles nor in truth. The death knell of our nation will be sounded. With a last gasp, this grasp for political power will be too much and we will very likely be in a civil war. One in which thousands of Veterans will fight to our dying breaths if necessary to regain our cherished republic.

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