From the Perspective of the Rus

Second Norway 2020 -Strandhavet Viking Museum - Hall of the Longship  King
From the Perspective of the Rus
by Michael Doyle

Standing on the shoulders of wisdom
By each step we build separate kingdoms
The Brothers Karamazov built on a grain of wheat
That life comes from death and death is not defeat

All the suffering that we will all have undergone
Is meant with the purpose of carrying us beyond
All of the issues of our long spent reflections
Solzhenitsyn is that middle voice of connection

Russia's history is a unique sense of nobility
Of a people withstanding despotism with capability
Releasing the forces against historical orthodoxy
To arrive at a people's own driven place in history

Autocracy and orthodoxy serve as a foundation
That most freedom lovers abhor without reservation
But in the Russian culture things are quiet different
With another set of principles held quite reverent

The division cleaved by the twin blades of power
Where one is sacred and the other temporal in appointed hour
The king rules his kingdom but the soul is supreme
And it is on this that Western civilization dreams

But not in Mother Russia, that most Viking of nations
That started with a ninth century Kievan declaration
To abide by Constantinople's one true belief
From which all other relationships know no relief

The ruler united authority as God's earthly voice
To rule above absolutely as God's ordained choice
The absolute rule of and from monarchial decree
Under which there would be no fallible talk of liberty

(c) October 20, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Heorot Viking Hall - I Am A Viking

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