The Greater the Miracles

Highland Hills -Celtic Crossed In Blue
The Greater the Miracles
by Michael Doyle

Religion it seems is love's emotion
Personified and adhered to with devotion
For a person who lives life without reason
Has committed the most personal of treasons

In the Grand Inquisitor we find rarified poetry
In which passions are taken incorrectly, absent piety
Regardless of claimed faith, in the burning at the stakes
Is the stark heresy of belief misplaced in its mistakes

Jesus came to work miracles for those busy living
To teach the true ways of love and redemption in forgiving
There then is failure in believe in love and not in hate
And for many among man not so kind, it is far too late

It seems the Devil who truly understands the ways of power
Perched as he is above even the highest royal tower
Though Jesus teaches that man does not live by bread alone
Is is these temporal temptations that make it hard to atone

Turning from freedom in order to be content being fed
Astray is the where that the average person is easily led
With freedom comes that dreaded responsibility
And this, however loved, escapes man's feeble capability

War and hate are the truest constants of history
These are the great lessons of life's great heresy
Despotism is too oft chosen over fables of freedom
This is the mystery that holds the keys to the kingdom

We reach out in our desire to turn water into wine
Believing it the true sign that man seeks after the divine
Suffer after the children who have come to laugh and play
For the Lord Himself will yet arise again some unknown day

The random chances of life place us on the edge of grave
Yet, there is but One who gave Himself to us to save
Aching from the three days in Hell to take on our strife
That yet it is that we might have our second chance at life

(c) October 25, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Yellow Lodge at Warm Springs  - Crossed Lattice Look At the River

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