NaNoWriMo Thoughts

And Thus the Lord of War Turned His Page
NaNoWriMo Thoughts
by Michael Doyle

Since the first cave painting
Stories have been written and told
Here now in all of our waiting
Is yet another story to be written and sold

It's a path of thinking and imagination
In a what if world of machination
An another paints the explanation
Of facts observable with greater fascination

Then simply setting out the facts
An illustration that sticks through acts
Currently we look toward the future in fear
While seemingly all optimism all but disappears

Still, there is a held to hope for utopia
Rather than dwell on patterns of dystopia
There's a certain benefit and respectability
That lives our love with full accountability

In 50,000 words we are now ready for the serenity
As we rehearse our inner editors brandishing brutality
To arrive at the story that is ready to release
And yet find our way down the path of inner peace

"What if" has its own sense of direction
Problematic and wonderful in its connection
It's best to push ahead with what brings distinction
Before the plot runs too thick and into its own extinction

Not to sound too ungainly indiscriminate
But its best not too worry about a need to conjugate
But instead to forage on ahead with our story
Trusting that it will find its truest glory

Time confetti finds its pieces of shred
Where thoughts meander through our heads
Each stroke of the pen has its own sacred flow
Courageously apply it to paper and let it show

Stopping the need for endlessly doom scrolling
As life moves on without you, constantly rolling
In taking the time to reach our own voices
It's in doing this, we make our best choices

Seeing it through until we reach the end
Is how we become the world's and our own best friends
Keeping the pep bravely into the turn of page
Whether with love, sadness, happiness or in rage

(c) November 14, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
mR J's HoUsE - Harpsichord Man

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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