Making A Difference In Possible End Days Blues

Yukina -  Shadow's On A Frozen Path
Making A Difference In Possible End Days Blues
by Michael Doyle

Determined that I am going to make a difference
Holding my head up high but still in reverence
As I am making way through 2020's day to day
Spending my soul's debt down, giving love away

I am going to join in living out the good deeds
Finding and sharing light as to this world's needs
Linking arms while opening eyes and open ears
Keeping it real in my prayers, erasing all of my fears

Here at the heralded two minutes to infamous midnight
Whatever time we have left, I am going to love it right
Turning my troubles over to God in a brand new view
Yes, I'm giving my heart over to the love God and you

There's a prepared place in house of sacred rooms
Where what matters is belief and grace not our doom
Jesus will descend again and in this is blessed return
What's important is the lessons we have prayerfully learned

Looking for God's good truth with a solid set of reasons
Knowing that these days look more and more like His blessed season
Regardless of the worst sort of aching birth pains
We will become blessed with faith's pouring rains

Everywhere I turn are reminders, given signs of our times
Lost up in misfortunes each enough for ceaseless rhymes
As believers around the world are being put to death
For their faith and reliance on God's holy breath

Still God keeps his promises as revealed in prophesy
We see this throughout all of man's long history
It's really a blink of miracles built out of mystery
But, I am confident of all that this means to me

It does no harm but only good to proceed being ready
Waiting devoutly and keeping God's faith steady
We do not know truth beyond the filters of our illusions
But God's holy word redeems us from our confusion

Today is the day of our blessed and needed salvation
Resting as it is on the Lord's ways and solid foundation
I silently repeat the sinner's prayer that I may yet live
Quietly thanking God for His love, graced that He forgives

(c) November 15, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Further Parke County 1107-082020

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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