Attached In Meaning

Flurries 'n Fun Winter Wonderland -Juggle Balls With a Cane Do Attitude
Attached In Meaning
by Michael Doyle

Words are mainly symbols
Something that vaguely resembles
An agreement between we human beings
As to what it is that we are meaning

We need a little less of the dictionary
As we each act out our own Pictionary
Of all that we think but then to the contrary
Finding so many arguments are unnecessary

They say actions speak louder
Regardless of what we say prouder
The words come and go as they will
And yet there it is and yet still

That look on your face says it all
Actions burst out splashed against the wall
Maybe it's just too much optimism
To be stuck in the rut of pessimism

We need to learn our co-construction
Or, be lost within needless destruction
You cannot not communicate in interpretation
Everything we do or don't leads to contemplation

Whatever our intent , the message is received
To think otherwise is to be deceived
Maybe it seems to defy our conventionality
But, it's the truth perceived as intentionality

Don't foolishly allow yourself the fallen deception
Of failing to miss the communicated perception
Encoded within our intended bits given in relation
Are the factors that comprise our communication

Whether complicated or simple and simply factual
Conflict can blur the lines of that thought actual
Words of trust can sink by their own weight
But, if we back these nonverbally before it's too late

We can reach into each other's tenderly wounded hearts
It's really not too late to hit that restart
Reassurance can be forged in these nonverbal elements
And in this, we find life's most satisfying development

(c) December 4, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Path to Oneself Reflection  -Words Lost From Never Being Spoken

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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