I, Noelle

Peaceful Winter Dreams - Here Comes Santa Claus
I, Noelle
by Michael Doyle

Growing up there was nothing as pleasant
As waiting on Christmas Eve for presents
He was like a lamb to metaphorical slaughter
As I snuck up on my Santa Claus father

As his daughter, there was much pride
Except for the part of feeling pushed aside
Wondering when I grew up what I might be
And being thought of as more than just pleasantly

It finally came, that big year
My brother Nick on sled while I led lead cheer
Morning arrived with complete perfection
Christmas was spinning in a new kind of direction

If you must know every detail
My brother was just not doing very well
Sparing the worse of part of this tale
Christmas, this year, will depend on me, Noelle

Sitting down with Nick and the Big Christmas Book
We decided it best to take another look
When I say we, of course, I really mean me
Things would turn out well, hopefully

When destiny's stars begin to collide
It all comes down to what is deep inside
As has been truly since Christmas' start
All of this is really a matter of the heart

That is when it totally hit me
Nick couldn't even slide down a chimney
It time for a getaway kind of weekend
Or else this Christmas would surely upend

Putting every effort into getting all of this right
If only for that one holy and silent night
While God may rest His merry gentlemen
A bad choice isn't made better by bad choices again

Sometimes words said cannot be taken back
Especially when they cause Christmas, Santa to lack
A journey was needed to a proverbial new you
And called for an entirely different view

I promise not to let it go to my head
But I really did well in handling the sled
And on Dasher, we flew into the snowy night
We'd reach Phoenix by the morning's light

All in the name of finding my runaway brother
Nicholas, the Santa, and no other
Christmas Day truly needs its shining magic
And children without presents would be tragic

(c) December 18, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Drunken Elf Fest - Santa's Black Sheep - Presents Under Tree

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