Split the Difference

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Split the Difference
by Michael Doyle

Kicking back with my girls on the holidays
Sharing life with them in a million ways
When we happened on a soulful snip of movie
With a lot of heart that played out groovy

There in the middle of a ink dab plot
Was a lesson to be learned and not forgot
That everyone doing anything has their dreams
Played out in a million types of screens

In the present, future and the great before
Is the meaning of life waiting to explore
Played out with a twist of lyric repartee
If we'd only take the moment to hear each other say

Nature and nurture it's all a part of culture
And in the end the only thing known for sure
Is that even if by the slightest inference
Life is how we make it in splitting the difference

The wonders of life displayed with plausibility
Demonstrated with the force of subtle punditry
Contrary to Lennon's infamous postulation
Studied in depth with a pseudo-intellectual's fascination

We do not need to live life as super stars
To understand our meaning to others in so far
As the lessons we teach as our stories preach
By example keeping hope and joy right in reach

There's a celestial concept of possibility
That shadows our dreams into greater probability
When we realize the jazz of living our soul
Brings each of us to our greatest needed role

There is it stated abstract in it fluff-ness
In a 3-D panorama that never knows enough-ness
But sure as the streets have their toughness
Life comes at us as it will even in a tangled mess

Waiting for each of us to get jazzy with it
In doing our improvised part of sum of every bit
That comes out greater than our complicated hearts
Each beat of which play out the soul of their parts

(c) January 3, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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