Empty Jar

The Plain of Jars - Shrouded Memories
Empty Jar
by Michael Doyle

It's an empty jar that we fill
Given the many choices of our free will
It's best to live with full intention
Looking back, we'll see what's had our attention

This jar of ours, might just shatter
If we fill it with things that don't matter
Preferring our fictions over fact
Too many fill their jars with no living impact

Pushing out past what we have confessed
And this you see is our final test
Time slips away from our infancy
Some never realize their mistaken priority

Looking for the legacy of our jar
As our hearts and minds wander far
But it's those things that thieves cannot steal
That in the end are those most real

Heaven holds my greatest treasure
My heart and mind keep ceaseless measure
Of how priceless these things are
On a cold night, as I wish upon a holy star

Faith is fact and is our best foundation
Regardless of what else there is in situation
The lessons taught put God and family
As the things that matter most to me

In my jar, I center on service
That my life might serve its purpose
Filled with love toward all others
Knowing these, as my sisters and brothers

Let's begin that overdue conversation
Regarding how Heaven is our destination
And how because of this, we need our definition
Of how to fill our jars, giving God His due consideration

(c) January 7, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Women of Science History Museum -Mason Jar of Proper Application

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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