Walking With the Giants

The Dickens Project 2020 - Frozen Fountain In the Churchyard
Walking With the Giants
by Michael Doyle

Walking with the giants
We stand in our defiance
Calling out the holy names
Known with the mark of God's fame

Walking in the faith that's known
Confidence that has grown
Though the future remains unseen
In this assurance, we find new meaning

By faith, we find our commendation
Evidencing the base of our foundation
In God, everything is possible
Regardless of however it seems improbable

Believing in the way of truth and light
To lead us through the passing of the night
Sin too often clouds and entangles
The perseverance that too often mangles

The faith that has come before us
Keeping it for now and forever as it was
The good, the bold and the ugly tell the story
Of the path that leads to God's glory

Difficult seasons come our way
Yet, belief and faith keep us every day
God's concern is in the depths of our hearts
This is where our shaping begins and starts

Two pillars of God, goodness and control
Are as the protectors of our very souls
The plans in mind begin to unfold
As in the tale of Joseph, often told

Jealousy and anger lead to deception
Lost within the mistaken conception
That somehow shows sin as something we can juggle
The things against which we often struggle

From slavery and throughout history
There really is no great mystery
That focus should be on God and not our pain
Shaping us to maturity and not in vain

There is wonderful joy despite our trials
To be faced with courage and our smiles
Keeping true to the path of our generation
Living love in our deepest spiritual connection

(c) January 9, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
St John Orthodox Christian Church Monastery - Mosaic of Confession

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