Thought For the Day: They Had No Further Use For Us and Banished Us To the Corner of A Parking Garage. We Feel Incredibly Betrayed

“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands, and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.” – Anonymous Guardsman

While Schumer pandered a promise to get to the bottom of the National Guard being banished by the Democrats to parking lot encampment “if it was true” that they had been, former President Trump immediately offered them free rooms at the Trump Hotel, D.C. This then illustrates the difference between the Left denying truth even when a short cursory review of the internet yielded the above photograph and spitting in the face of our heroes who came to protect these ungrateful wretches. Why were they sent treated so poorly? Keep in mind that the parking garage had one restroom with two stalls and one power outlet in the entire space.

A Democratic Congressman was upset that one guardsman was not wearing a mask at a donut shop and responded back to his admonishment that the guardsman “Appreciates his freedom”. Word is that the guardsman in question had a lung condition not unlike my own. That means the suggested regulations do not apply to the guardsman in question. Don’t get me wrong. I wear a mask. I have almost zero immunity. The risk of wearing my mask is far less in my estimate than not wearing it for the convenience of breathing easier. The point is that the cowardly Democrats thought it was okay to punish 26,000 National Guardsmen provided by the governors of multiple states that were under no definite duty to protect them from any possible mayhem on Inauguration Day.

As a result, some of the states governors have recalled their forces. Those who remained in D.C. have allowed back into the capitol. I wonder why? No. I do not. Obviously, some smarter Democrats realized what a cold hearted, callous thing this was to do to those who put their bodies and lives on the line to serve their fellow Americans even when many of these do not agree with the election results. Duty and honor means everything to those on active duty and my fellow Veterans. How dare that they be treated in this manner. Unity? Wasn’t that the theme???? This despicable treatment of our men and women in our military will not be forgotten nor forgiven by this 100% service connected disabled military veteran. It is despicable.

Say this name, Representative Will Keating (D-MA). He is the beginning of this tragic set of events. Remember this name Will Keating (D-MA). Do not reelect this entitled, ungrateful wretch.

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