The Not So Cooked Goose of Dr. Seuss

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The Not So Cooked Goose of Dr. Seuss
by Michael Doyle

This is not what it means to be woke
Something inside must be truly broke
These sinister snowflakes in reactivity
Seek to search and destroy all creativity

For generations we have lived and learned
From lessons taught and then discerned
To these cringers if you offer a different voice
They loudly assert that they’ve made your choice

There will be no more freedom of thought and speech
These things take courage and are so far out of reach
To those who need to live in vacuum of safe zones
And are incapable of leaving each to their own

This is not the way of a brave and free society
But the way of those lost within their anxiety
They have no sense of real justice or propriety
Only a need to make what’s right a thing of notoriety

As for myself, I will take my freedom or my death
And defend God, truth and liberty to my last breath
As the founders of our dear country did before me
I will live for true justice and belief in real dignity

(c) March 3, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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