A Little Bit of Empathy

Vargsangen - When Life Becomes Unbearable , You Can Count On Me
A Little Bit of Empathy
by Michael Doyle

The relationship is about you
And then again, it's about me
It's about our step into divinity
Do we love our God flawlessly?

It's about the work yet to be done
It's about God's love poured out to everyone
Let's get back to the good book
We'll find what we need if and when we look

Toward serving all of the others
Sharing the gospel to sisters and brothers
We are interdependent as a family
Serving with encouragement all that is holy

Meeting together to find sacred community
Thriving as we grow into needed sanctity
We need to restore the loss we have felt
When the calamities of life dealt

Pulled from the waters of our life
Revive into the peace of love and not strife
No longer drowning in a sea of apathy
True revival of the Church is found in empathy

In 50 years despite advances in technology
We have seen a decline in our theology
Prayer has been stripped from public display
While God has been pushed out of our history

Two hundred years from bondage and back
Loss of God brings us back as we lack
Without God's laws there is no liberty
It's a necessary decision to live holy

We must humble ourselves and pray
Seeking God's love there as we're losing our liberty
We must awaken to our sacred duty
Allowing God to restore belief's beauty

In this passion we serve in our belief
Finding our way back from accursed grief
In this, is how we find our salvation
And in so doing, step forward to save the nation

Another great awakening is what is needed
One in which God's voice is truly heeded
Keeping true to our lives' conversion
We can save our society from its perversion

(c) March 8, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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