A Change to the Format

As I have renewed this for one more year, I want to announce that there will be a change to the format beginning tomorrow in which instead of trying to simply keep this a poetry, first principle and thought for the day, my time at Purdue will be used to attempt collecting the writing that I spend most of my time now doing. This means that where appropriate this will feature more of my philosophical meanderings used for school purposes. It has simply been nearly impossible to attempt to keep up with writing poetry. For example, this past week I have had three major papers due along with 12 dialog posts for a total of 15 substantive writings simply to keep up with school work let alone other writings such as the rare poem inserted here and there. This next month is the international poetry month. I will attempt to keep up with this. But, my 14 volumes worth of poetry past may have to do until this accelerated paced schooling is over.

I hope that this will not be overly disappointing to anyone. It just seems a wiser investment of my time. I do not even know if this message will be seen. In all of the time that I have spent writing poetry over these years, exactly one person has tipped me to go buy a cup of coffee. Do not get me wrong, I wrote a note of gratitude to that person. The point is simply that the lesson is learned and my poetic thoughts not being appreciated, I believe it is time to approach another direction.

Thanks and aloha,


About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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