Na/GloPoWriMo #11: Letters From Father To Daughter

Sacred Ground - Memorial Day - Occupation GI Blues
Na/GloPoWriMo #11: Letters From Father To Daughter
by Michael Doyle

Dearest Daughter,
I didn't know I would be a father
When I took the chances that I did
And I've always tried to keep it hid

I see your eyes of confusion
Between truth and illusion
And, yes, they called me a hero
But sometimes, I feel less than zero

Please pardon my composure
But, I have dreamed that chemical exposure
Would wipe out my system's immunity
Or, that one day, I'd have a family

I am sorry for the times, I'm not there
In my heart, you are always near
And though it less to revere
I want your world to be less to fear

I am so proud to be your father
And to know you are my youngest daughter
I can hardly wait til the time I hold your hand
But until then, I understand



Dear Father,
I am your youngest daughter
I may not say it a lot
But, it's not easily forgot

All of the stories I've heard of you
Half whispers about all you do
And all of those things you once did
Not sure who you're fooling; it's not hid

I am a lot like the best of you
And I am proud of all that you do
I may not say this every day
But, I love you in every way

I lay awake listening to you play guitar
In my heart, you are a star
And when you make me laugh out of control
It's times like these, you touch my soul

And Dad, you really need to know
I love you more than I dare show
That Covid shot scared me, please survive
I really need you to please stay alive


Your Daughter

Dearest Daughter,

You are my hero...

(c) April 11, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Timberline Lodge Winterhaven - Riderless Horse In Salute To Those Who Dit Not Make It Back

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