Na/GloPoWriMo #14: Quis ut Deus?

A Christmas Dream- An Angel Came Down
Na/GloPoWriMo #14: Quis ut Deus?
by Michael Doyle

May parents had their preference
But my life has whispered its reverence
Maybe they meant to play oracle?
But like the archangel's rhetorical
This name is a bit battle worn
As a soldier speaks on behalf of the forlorn
And wrathfully approaches Satan with scorn
Much as I have done since first born
Wearing my truth openly on sleeve
And paying the price for what I believe
Defined as it is in verses of poetry
That some feel is a song for the sea
The Lord's warrior is worn as my name
And perhaps that serves as functional blame
For my life dedicated to its duty
As some would say who knew me
Deep waters cover that sort of sacred mystery
I'd like to think I've scattered my share of enemy
Yet, Michael remains one of the most common names
Perhaps it means less than luck of baby name games
I'd like to think that if there's truth to Revelation
I'll be by the Arch Angel's side... but truth be told
I'm starting to feel a little bit too old
And.. I probably lack the strength and necessary dedication

(c) April 14, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Jacksonville Island 2020 - I'm No Angel

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