Perspective Revisited

Exhalt -  Balloon Ride Over Blue Mountain Peaks
Perspective Revisited
by Michael Doyle

Float to the top
Or sink to the bottom
The rest is just churn
This is a lesson in life
One that is usually earned
It's our decision in how we learn

Everyone dreams, big and wide
Of being the other's hero
But, no one really saves anyone
These are the secrets that we hide
Pretending to be more than zero
Foot in front of foot until we're done

From on top of the mountain, it's all down
Gazing through a clouded view
It changes a man's perspective
Not longer concerned with hat or crown
But focused on what he must do
It's times like these, we are most reflective

(c) May 17, 2021  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Land of Lunaria - A Framing Well Placed In Flowers and Lace

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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