Wonder Expressed Within Five Words

Mieville's Christmas in Wonderland - Cuppa Tea Reading
Wonder Expressed Within Five Words
by Michael Doyle

Its in the habits of faith we live
Taking each day catching what it gives

On seeing Christ we believe
Doubting as we do as we self-deceive
Feelings revealed in wounds felt
There in the good reasons dealt

Denying as we too often do, God's authority
Though, of course, we know His reliability

On knowing Christ as recognized
We come to truths deeply realized
Man's sinful condition causes our pain
Doing the same things twice over and in vain

Determined in purpose that we might yet know
The eternal life that resurrection brings and shows

It's the love of Christ that unlocks
The truth inside the triune box
It's there in all we've faithfully believed
And known in all the favors we have received

Though life often seemingly begs for expedience
It is best lived in faithful obedience
Submitting to God's commanding authority
Trusting in His ultimate reality

Until we submit and then in Christ we live
Walking the walk of newness that He gives
Coming to live in Christ modeled as one
Our best shines out as our darkness is undone

(c) July 5, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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