Remember To Forget

Recollection - Played Like A Song I Once Remembered
Remember To Forget
by Michael Doyle

As long as there is life
There is, at least, some hope
Regardless of our strife
This helps us to quietly cope

Those things that bring us to edge
We need to forgive as our sin
That which as brought us to the ledge
Knowing as we grow, we can begin again

Goethe, Dante and Shakespeare
All offer words of wisdom to inspire
In stories and lessons worthy to hear
Catching our souls even as these are caught on fire

The world is filled with contradiction
Even the Golden Rule wants its payback
Getting what is ours makes revenge our condition
As we learn over again the good that we lack

As doing good is looked on as strange
In this vexatious world that cannot forgive
And doing unto others is seemingly deranged
Here there is no getting past; no live and let live

There is a brashness of informal philosophy
To be found within the moments of precious time
All of life's dramas add up to bits of comedy
Once removed beyond the mist of the sublime

These motifs in the flesh of human operation
Vengeance and jealousy circle into infinity
Be it among common man or in a spiral of nations
These are the secret seeds that sprinkle eternity

Until the ghosts move on as dawn begins to break
Spoken about and to as if in secret alphabet
The puzzled complexities are sincere as they fake
Into the unsolvable parts of life we remember to forget

(c) July 6, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Second Life Veterans Tribute 2018  -  Rememberance of Poppies

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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