DESCARNE by Cibele Cibernética - Rings of the Inferno
by Michael Doyle

I won't take the bait
Of living this fate
Falling for the offense
Of people speaking through pretense

Triggered into living this trap
Thinking and feeling the rap
Hit after hit comes my way
I see it happening day after day

The pains that are felt
In the touches I am dealt
Cage me to bring me to death
I must defy it with every breath

The trap of offense is Satan's best
I must rise above this fatal test
Like a finger trap of fear and doubt
Try as I might, I just cannot get out

I have got to turn the page
To keep out the bitterness of this cage
The fangs of despair can rip me apart
Letting its venom drip into my heart

Skandalon (Don't take the bait)
Stands alone
There is not better (Escape the fate)
In being bitter

God's plans for my days
Needs a change of ways
Offenses of past need to let go
If God's best truth is going to flow

Listening to the small still voice
I know that how I live is a choice
Patience yields from wisdom
Wisely overlooking offenses for the kingdom

So then, this is the story
Overlooking the slights to one's good glory
Being legendary brings its magnificence
It's a lesson to heed with great significance

Rising above the injustices of skandalon
I learn that I do not stand alone
Stepping over the ugly, sad and the bad
To the best life I have ever had

(c) July 11, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The  Spartan Empire - Catching Feathers - Coiled Trap

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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