What’s In A Poem But Words

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What's In A Poem But Words
by Michael Doyle

What's in a poem but words you say
They can be written in many a way
All it takes is the heart behind the thoughts
And to feel the flow of the shoulds and oughts

When you are poetry revealed in motions
There are no elixirs or types of magic potions
Just the courage to lend enough expression
To let it flow as you give your impression

Of things heard and more akin to felt
It's the things that make the heart melt
Or the fire inside that cannot be stilled
Until your pen or keyboard has revealed

That something deep inside of you
That has feeling kind of the same way I do
And you have to find a way to let it out
So you write, you sing, you whisper and shout

About those things you love a little or heaps
And the words inside come out in poetic leaps
As you look back in time to the deepest time
Like when my heart met you and it came out in a...


(c) July 13, 2021
All Rights Reserved
An Uncertain Destiny -  Working On the Next Poem....

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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