The Importance of Keeping Our History

MIC Imagin@rium -March of History_001
The Importance of Keeping Our History
by Michael Doyle

Moving back the veil of mystery
We remember the truths of history
Telling the truth as truth is meant
And so providing the roots of our government

Framed within moments of vivid reflection
To take us back to America's proud connection
It is into the beginning of our noble experiment
We must learn these principles to make them permanent

Regardless of mindless, unscrupulous factions
With all of their riotous madness and reactions
Power must be limited with constrained sobriety
Facing the compromises that have ensured legitimacy

It's all about staying within one's lane
And of overstepped bounds that must be kept restrained
The rights of conscience belong to us all
It would perhaps be best if we would all recall

The American creed from the Creator's hand
Has not always been easy nor gone as planned
All this, a republic, kept with due diligence
It requires a watchful eye and then our vigilance

(c) July 22, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Velvet Design -As American As Mom & Apple Pie

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