Thought For the Day: What’s Amazing Is President Biden Ran For Office As the Foreign Policy Expert

“What’s amazing is President Biden ran for office as the foreign policy expert … and yet look at how poorly planned this seems to be right now. It is a calamity playing out.” – The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker

This is how biased the Left Media is… read the following and I am not making up even the tiniest part of this:

“In wake of the his raging success in international diplomacy through the surgical precision of handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe Biden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Similar to how Barack Obama received the award for a comparable accomplishment in 2009, Joe Biden’s actions have made the world better, safer, more secure, and more diverse.

Joe Biden knew better than his advisors. He knew better than everyone who had spent their lives dealing with the constant turmoil in Afghanistan. Joe Biden’s experience and expertise in the area of foreign affairs lead him to singlehandedly end the war in Afghanistan. 20 years of progress has finally paid off.

Afghanistan is now safe. The state is stable. Thank you, Joe Biden, the award suits you.”

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