I Need You To Fight

Aspire Universe  - Punching Through
I Need You To Fight
by Michael Doyle

I've never had great answers
To life's deeper questions
Like what is the meaning or how to cure cancers
But, I can say without hesitation

That I have meant to do good
To do the best that I have been able
And to the degree I've understood
Relying on God as more than fable

Here I am again out of answers
Searching for some kind of clue
Words appearing on paper, like a poetic dancer
All I know is that I'd give my life for you

Though I'm probably the last you want to hear
I need you to fight like you've never fought
Please be brave, I know you can persevere
And though I never liked it, I need you to fight

You have that spirit deep within you
I know that you can turn this thing around
This is your fight song, written just for you
Because when you're beaten in the corner, that's where I'll be too

(c) September 2, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Art Box - Feeling the Art of the Deal

Written for someone who should know is in my prayers and extended to all others who are struggling and fighting against Covid-19. I need you to fight. Like you’ve never fought before. Pretend if you have to that the Covid virus with it’s corona crown is my face or something and kick the ever loving.. whatever out of it. Thing is that I need you to fight!.. please do not give up.

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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