Wall of Ego

Indiana Amish Heartland Scenic Drive 06272020
Wall of Ego
by Michael Doyle

Self righteous Pharisees
Are often truth's worst enemies
In looking down on others, you miss the skies
Self-deceived by our prideful, lying eyes

Missing the mark of God, in favor of me
Believing myself the pilot of my life
I mistake my boastfulness in blasphemy
Walking straight into unneeded strife

Comparing myself to others in cognition
It strikes a chord of prideful recognition
Mistaking our self given superiority
We walk through life in pretended respectability

I see this as a fault revealed in me
Stumbled in these moments of the compared against
I lose my steps towards God's divinity
Replacing it with unwarranted times of arrogance

Self worth becomes determined by evaluation
Driven by the reality we choose to want to see
But when we know Heaven is our final destination
This is where we should define our identity

Forgetting the success of others in celebration
Life in the spotlight cheapens the victory
Squeezing gifted people away in our self-fascination
The pride before the fall is a circle of self sympathy

Loudly insisting on a say in everything
Controlling all that is to be ever known
Forgetting in the tale that adds up to nothing
Because we can never know the story full-blown

If we are even going to aspire to the God flow
There is one thing is for certain and sure
We all have to find our living beyond the wall of ego
And realize that humility is the cure

Bad habits are the way of second nature
There in the complaints that have become a part
That keeps us back from spirituality to mature
Until at last we make humbleness the habit of the heart

(c) September 10, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Indiana Amish Heartland Scenic Drive 06272020

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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