Pierce the Charade

SL14B Wonderous - Masquerade - Venetian Masque II
Pierce the Charade
by Michael Doyle

One thing I've discovered recently
Is that I am capable of acting decently
But if the world could see my inspiration
Maybe there'd be cause to doubt my motivation

Still it is that I struggle for my best
And my failings, I utterly detest
Yet, these too are a bit of me
And are often the taint against which I write poetry

True love it seems is the rarest beauty
So often steeped in the ways of duty
Perhaps, there should be no better way
Then the truths that keep us anchored today

I knew an angel once that I offered friendship
Who spoke to me as if in idle worship
The crimes are guilty as the wages of sin
Explored deeply as these are by women and men

I whispered that though I might know my mind
It is the traces of my heart that I search to find
Accustomed as I am to the Hatter's masquerade
It would be a pity if I never pierced the charade

(c) September 15, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Nocturne - Vampire the Masquerade - On the Altar of Love

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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