Chosen to Live

Where our journey begins - Fall of 21
Chosen to Live 
by Michael Doyle

Praying to a God of second chances
Recovering from life breaks and broken romances
We have become one of the family
Through the glory and the days of dramedy

We say our prayers in thankfulness
Grateful for God's role in all of this
Linking arms to make the difference
Playing out our parts in His magnificence

Chosen even despite our hard knocks
Sanctified by the grace of that three lock box
We are chosen by God before we're born
This is why we should rejoice and not mourn

Whatever life throws at us, we walk in love
Guided by the principles of Heaven above
We come together to grow in these ways
Keeping the Word close throughout our days

Formerly slaves paying the wages for our sins
Through God's grace, we can begin yet again
The ransom was paid in full through the blood
As we are pushed and pulled from mire and mud

Yet, so many live defeated lives
With life cutting us with its thousand knives
Instead of surrendering to His abundance
We know we are truly free to live in His resplendence

We are forced from the bondage of sin
Liberated from bonded chains to live again
Controlled by impulse instead of thinking straight
Temptation holds us captive to this fate

Sinful nature cannot be our prime authority
To face with grace and live freedom's dignity
The Holy Spirit is alive in each moment
Until we, by Christ, are freed from torment

Pounded nails into a board leaves its hole
But accepting God can make us become whole
No longer imprisoned on Hell's death row
There is offered the gift of hope promised to know

Stepped across the line from guilt and shame
We must live free from the curse of blame
No longer held back by our past mistakes
Nor letting guilt keep us bound by our heartbreaks

Fallen into the trap of Satan's temptation
The guilt and shame freed in our contemplation
Casting aside the lies with God's amazing grace
And on this new path, it's love that we embrace

Awakened to the silence of the Devil's accusation
Is to to be set free in our new situation
Christ frees us from the falseness of anxiety
As we let God be present in life's cluttered complexity

Nothing is changed by staying in life's worry
Let life come, un-chastened and without hurry
We find our way to peace beyond all understanding
Accepting God's will as our own and not demanding

No matter how much I see just how I often fail
I also know that God's will must and will always prevail
God loves me and you in all that we do
Standing between two pillars, we echo goodness from this view

Freed as we are to live life in its new creation
Walking by an intentional spirit in our situation
The gift of salvation has managed to free us now
Shoving us across the line of victory we've come to somehow

Living godly lives in a godless world
We must face each day with our faith unfurled
Giving over in surrender into a new capacity to love
We are freed by the spirit to walk by His will above

Right out of the gates, Adam and Even lived in sin
Yet, we can find our way back to relationship again
From Genesis to Revelations, this then shall we learn
Because, if nothing else, this is what we must discern

We are chosen by God to live this sacred life
Freed from bondage to serve without strife
Our gifts and talents must shine without blame
Suited up to play out this glorious game

Serving not out of obligation but serving in love
And dedicated to serving our God from up above
Christ laid down His life that we should live free
And to live this life in the beauty of God's poetry

(c) September 19, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Kami Lounge - The World Is Yours

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